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12 November 2005 @ 10:05 pm
the alcohol to the flame  
Aaron Echolls! Next spectacle this Tuesday night, 6pm, after the premiere of "Beyond the Breaking Point", sequel to "The Breaking Point". Starring in this spectacle is Aaron, himself, as The Punisher; his wife Lynn Echolls (formerly the one time famous Lynn Lester) as The Pill-Popping Alcoholic and Ignorant Mother; and lastly, his son, Logan Echolls, will be playing his first, only, and greatest role as The Ungrateful Son. Watch as Aaron takes an all-deserving strap to his boy's back for all the shame that his son has caused his family.

Now only if we advertised realistically, huh? It would be one thing to tell me I deserved it if I had even intended to make a fool of my father or this family; but, alas, I disappoint him further. It was pathetic, the reasons my dad found today. I'm impressed though on how he kept his cool for the whole premiere. He smiled, messed my hair, and stated that "Boys will be boys."

What I'm betting is the idea that he wanted to wrap his hands around my neck and just squeeze. I suppose it's all about family and responsibility. This is something that he'll tell me that I'll learn when I grow up. Personally, if I turn into the exquisite mirror of him when I grow up? I think I'll commit suicide, shuffle off this mortal coil, and end my all-too glamorous life. If he's my fine example for all time, I'll go with the dreams and wishes that I've been adopted into this lifestyle.

"Beyond the Breaking Point" is a hit. I think viewers especially loved the scene in which beyond his entire life, Aaron shows regret for the way he's lived: all action, all fun, and no love. That's when, in the movie and on the set, he pretends that there's not nearly half as much chemistry between himself and his female co-star as they make sweet, sweet love and my mom on the side pops another pill. I slip some JD from my own flask myself and try not to gag.

You'd think if he was such a good actor that he'd be able to hide his affairs, but really everyone knows. Lilly's not so right. Sometimes the premieres are far more exciting than watching paint dry. Sometimes the actors slip up and sometimes someone out there makes the right joke with the perfect timing. Anything to keep you in publicity, Dad. Just remember, I'm the alcohol to the flame.

My backside is swollen as I drive to the Kanes. Lilly'll know right away as she always does. Duncan will stand by idly and, if Veronica is there, she'll just be in blissful ignorance and believe every lie I have about getting into fist fights.

I'm still wearing the black suit and I swallow hard, loosening the too-tight tie around my neck. There are no cuts this time, only hard, red marks. All I want to do now is move into my own ignorance. I'd rather keep up the usual image of false smiles and the sickeningly 'has it all' family. One day, I know, I'll get tired of it. I guess that's why I spoke up today and why I keep talking. Maybe, I just want to stop being invited to all the parties. Those are the real shows. That's when you find out if your actors can truly act.

Unbuttoning the first button of my shirt, I see Veronica in the quickly approaching distance heading towards what I assume to be the Kane house herself. I slow down beside her, turn down the music on the radio (some boy band crap) and roll down the window. I remember Lilly's words of "Play nice", but the thing is that Veronica Mars could use a little excitement in her life - other than the random stories of her dad being Sheriff and busting asses. No, Veronica needs some real drama.

"Hey, Ronnie," I say, a smile quirking on my face for the second time today. I'm ready to see her just roll her eyes at me. Let's face it, we don't always get along. At least, that's something real. "Need a ride?"

[[ open to Veronica - oh, lord. will they snark? ]]
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
Veronica Mars: Renewed Soul - liz_guerinrenewedsoul_v on November 20th, 2005 10:24 am (UTC)
"Just hanging out, too." I nodded in response to his question. Duncan and I were generally pretty content to just spend time with each other most of the time. Didn't really matter so much what we were doing.

I knew enough from Lilly to know they'd probably be doing a lot more than hanging out, but I wasn't about to call him on that. Somethings were better left unsaid.

"Hanging out with Duncan's definitely a better option than spending the evening watching dumb old movies with my parents. You don't want to be around when they're watching that stuff, trust me." I commented, "It's kinda scary."
Logan Echolls: low self esteem - l/vlogan_echolls on November 20th, 2005 10:39 am (UTC)
I couldn't help but wonder what she meant by it being scary to watch dumb old movies with her parents. She was supplying a topic I could ask about and keeping conversation between two non-friends was something rather than nothing.

"Scary?" I asked, a bit of amusement on my face as I glanced over to her. "How so?" Even though her dad was sheriff, I truly didn't find him in any way frightening - not even with a gun. Lianne Mars didn't exactly strike fear into me either, but it was hard to compare. I knew more than anything her parents probably mocked the movie, talked in weird voices that mimicked the actors, and recited quotes.

"They're big black and white movie buffs or something?" Fans of Natalie Wood, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, that was something I imagined for Veronica's parents.
Veronica Mars: Renewed Soul - liz_guerinrenewedsoul_v on November 20th, 2005 08:40 pm (UTC)
"Sometimes it's classic stuff. Be nice if it was, actually." I commented. "But no, half the time, like tonight's selection of 'Staying Alive', it's stuff they watched when they were dating at when that happens...well, you know how you think Duncan and I can be sappy at times? They put us to shame on the sap meter. And that? Is a side of their parents no kid needs to see." I shook my head. There was nothing but embarrassment in the fact that my parents were sitting watching that movie right this minute.

Logan was partly right, they had a tendency to love the old detective movies and things like that, but they also watched a scary amount of Travolta's early stuff.

"I don't mind watching movies with them generally. Especially if it's something we're all enjoying mocking, but I don't have any great desire to be included in what amounts to a date night."
Logan Echolls: great crab papalogan_echolls on November 21st, 2005 06:21 am (UTC)
I had to groan aloud at her parents taste in movies. "You know, if you had said Grease it would have been at least a step up in the right direction. If you pick something with Travolta in it at least go for Pulp Fiction, am I right? I'm not even including the fact that you called it a date night for them."

I shook my head towards her, a small smile curling on my face. Bumbling sheriff and his bumbling wife; at least Veronica didn't share their opinions of good movies - not as far as I knew.

Movies and date nights - Hey, what ever works for them. "Maybe it's the ever-so-attractive sideburns?" I suggested.

What was once considered cool had now more than definitely changed. I'm sure they'd always think fondly upon that past. It wasn't as if occasionally I didn't see moments of my parents rising to that level of era nostalgia. No, I never did. Our constant need for image and example continued to leak into our family life.
Veronica Mars: Renewed Soul - liz_guerinrenewedsoul_v on November 21st, 2005 06:51 am (UTC)
"Exactly. At least Grease is considered to be a classic worth remembering. And I really can't argue with the choosing Pulp Fiction, or even Broken Arrow, just about anything Travolta over Staying Alive, actually." I commented, smiling back just slightly. "Well, of course the Look Who's Talking movies need to be banished from whatever archive they're in, but that's beside the point."

Can't really blame Logan for thinking my parents are being total geeks right now. Which the groan made it clear he was, but the thing is? They are. I love them dearly, but come on. I'm cooler than they are, and I know that's not saying much.

"Sideburns?" I rolled my eyes slightly, laughing at the idea. Some 70's fashions should just be left there. "Right. Must be it. Well, that explains my mom anyway. My dad's probably just watching because she wants to. Dad's good like that though. Can't begin to count the amount of times he's watched the South Park movie with me."
Logan Echolls: glances - l/vlogan_echolls on November 21st, 2005 08:43 am (UTC)
I laughed, the grin of pure amusement still on my face. It was such a relief to just be away from the house discussing nothing at all. This was what I wanted to do: put my parents out of my mind and take in the company of my friends (or rather almost friends in this case - Veronica was... something).

"Don't tell me that your mom has a full set of Travolta memorabilia," I replied sardonically. "I'm not sure I bothered to see anything beyond the first Look Who's Talking movie. Once there was talking dogs you could count me out of it. You know, excluding that movie... was it Cats and Dogs?"

I glanced towards her briefly, before putting my eyes back on the road. Is it just me or could I possibly be getting along with Veronica Mars right now?

"At least the movie taste wasn't inherited as far as I can tell," I replied. I'd seen the movie too many times with Duncan to speak up. Losing track of the numbers, I wondered if he even knew Veronica like that or if he was just holding out on Lilly and I.

"That movie has warped my fragile little mind," I told her mockingly.
Veronica Mars: Renewed Soul - liz_guerinrenewedsoul_v on November 21st, 2005 09:30 pm (UTC)
"I don't know if I'd cal it a full set, but it is fairly substantial." I told Logan. That bit of info was embarrassing enough without going into exact details. Not that I really thought my mom was going to care much what Logan Echolls thought of her. His parents maybe, but not him. She never cared what kids thought of her.

"Talking dogs come in the third movie. Second's just another baby, thankfully." I commented. "Cats and Dogs, Homeward Bound, there's actually a scary amount of movies with dogs that talk now that you've got me thinking about it."

I'm just gonna be shocked I'm having a decent conversation with Logan. Duncan and Lilly would be so proud of us for how well we're getting along. Won't last beyond this car ride, though. No real reason for it to.

"I think the show probably warped your so-called fragile little mind long before the movie came along." I stated with a smirk, "If it even took that."

Yeah, I didn't exactly believe South Park had much to do with whatever warping had gone on in Logan's brain. He was warped in his own way the day I met him.

"I'm not really sure you can call loving the South Park movie having any sort of taste in movies, as much as I enjoy it." I added in response to his comment about movie tastes not being inherited, "But I generally like to think I've out grown some of the more embarrassing movie obsessions."
Logan Echolls: the edgelogan_echolls on November 22nd, 2005 07:09 am (UTC)
I could almost bet that her mother's set included the movie Carrie just for the brief moments he spent on screen. I silently listed the movies off in my head. Hey, when you spend a fair amount of time looking at IMDB.com, you pick up some things. Not to mention how show business and the Echolls were intertwined.

"Generally, sequels are to be avoided at all costs," I replied. As evidence by my lack of remembering that the movie with the dogs and cats came third and not second. They all just melded together inevitably. "But, you're right about that. Just generally there's a great amount of movies with talking animals in them."

My lips quirked into a smirk at her next words and I shook my head sceptically. "Just when I was finding you flattering, Veronica," I tsked towards her.

"Do I have to guess the horrors of your embarrassing movie obsession collection or are you going to let me in on the mortifying secrets?" I asked, still amused. "You could tell me and I'll tease and we'll all get our daily dose of this eternal snark we have between us."

And that was about all there was going to ever be between us.

This moment had been acknowledged and it was already in passing as far as the two of us were concerned. However, at the very least, I was pretty sure that we could still be tickled that we were standing each others' presence.
Veronica Mars: Renewed Soul - liz_guerinrenewedsoul_v on November 22nd, 2005 07:27 am (UTC)
"They only exist because they make the studios easy money, built in audience and all, right? I mean that basically explains how your dad still has a thriving career." I commented when he pointed out sequels should be avoided at all costs.

"Sorry, Logan." I laughed as he tsked me. Wasn't really all that sorry and we both knew it. "Just don't really believe South Park was the sole factor in your warped brain. Contributor I'd buy."

"Would it really be as fun for you if I were to just tell you?" I questioned. Sure, it'd be faster, but if he wanted maximum amusement, why just tell him? He'd known me long enough, known the two people I was closest two outside of my parents long enough, to make a few decent guesses, I was sure.

"I mean, if you just want to get right to the teasing, I can tell you. Whatever." I shrugged. He was right though, if we weren't snarking we basically weren't talking unless we were forced to. Why mess with what worked?
Logan Echolls: secret - l/vlogan_echolls on November 22nd, 2005 07:46 am (UTC)
"My dad still has a career because of obsessive fan girls who like to see him with his shirt off and because of crack producers who like that he sells because of previously said girls." I corrected Veronica almost immediately.

Reasons or not my father had a career was past me. I was the epitome of not caring. "Come to think of it, I think they just let out one of his sequelled movies today. It's not nearly half as touching as the one he's putting out at Christmas."

If you want the real reason I have a warped mind, Veronica... - I shook it off, ignored the pain still spreading on my lower back.

"Let me guess. Since, yes, you did point out that it would be fun," I said, motioning towards her with the usual witty smile. "Among these movies would be... Spice World and Batman Forever. Though, I do suspect that out of the Travolta collection you'd own Saturday Night Fever and Grease. Like you said, at least Grease is a classic."
Veronica Mars: Renewed Soul - liz_guerinrenewedsoul_v on November 22nd, 2005 04:55 pm (UTC)
"Either way it's a built in audience." I countered. "A near sure bet of easy money to the tune of hundreds of millions for any studio involved."

"Well no offense to your dad, but the odds of me making an effort to see either is highly unlikely. His movies have never really interested me much."

"I'll admit to Grease, and to Batman Forever. Spice World, for what it was, isn't really that bad, and if you mock me for watching that you have to mock Lil, 'cause she was right there with me nearly every single time I watched it. In my defense though? I was 10. Long since over that." I Insisted. "There's also She's All that and Down to You. And let's not forget three quarters of anything Kirsten Dunst did before Spider-man. Some very funny movies, but not exactly the most well written."

I figure I'd give him what he was after. A nice long list of things to torture me about that weren't his insisting that there was something wrong with the way my life was. I like my life, thanks.
Logan Echolls: a long time ago we used to be friends -logan_echolls on November 22nd, 2005 10:14 pm (UTC)
"See, now I know exactly what to ask him to get me for Christmas." I snapped my fingers, the same smile rising again. "I'll ask him for my own group of raging fan girls, because this family just doesn't have enough."

"At least it sells, Veronica. There's nothing much more than selling things, keeping jobs and a house, when it comes to business." I shook my head towards her, "Believe me when I say that I wouldn't throw any money towards his films either. Or even Trina's, for that matter." Trina, god knows, wouldn't be anywhere if she wasn't leeching off dad's fame a bit.

"I can't mock you about Spice World. Lilly made me and Duncan watch that thing like five times a day for a week. But... She's All That? Geeky girl into Prom Queen - How sweet." I told her. No, that sounded nothing at all like what happened when the Kanes discovered Veronica Mars. Minus one bet, we could possibly be that story.

"You couldn't possibly get more cliche. You know, unless you were watching Down To You. So, is this a general love of Freddie and Kirsten movies?"