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12 November 2005 @ 10:05 pm
the alcohol to the flame  
Aaron Echolls! Next spectacle this Tuesday night, 6pm, after the premiere of "Beyond the Breaking Point", sequel to "The Breaking Point". Starring in this spectacle is Aaron, himself, as The Punisher; his wife Lynn Echolls (formerly the one time famous Lynn Lester) as The Pill-Popping Alcoholic and Ignorant Mother; and lastly, his son, Logan Echolls, will be playing his first, only, and greatest role as The Ungrateful Son. Watch as Aaron takes an all-deserving strap to his boy's back for all the shame that his son has caused his family.

Now only if we advertised realistically, huh? It would be one thing to tell me I deserved it if I had even intended to make a fool of my father or this family; but, alas, I disappoint him further. It was pathetic, the reasons my dad found today. I'm impressed though on how he kept his cool for the whole premiere. He smiled, messed my hair, and stated that "Boys will be boys."

What I'm betting is the idea that he wanted to wrap his hands around my neck and just squeeze. I suppose it's all about family and responsibility. This is something that he'll tell me that I'll learn when I grow up. Personally, if I turn into the exquisite mirror of him when I grow up? I think I'll commit suicide, shuffle off this mortal coil, and end my all-too glamorous life. If he's my fine example for all time, I'll go with the dreams and wishes that I've been adopted into this lifestyle.

"Beyond the Breaking Point" is a hit. I think viewers especially loved the scene in which beyond his entire life, Aaron shows regret for the way he's lived: all action, all fun, and no love. That's when, in the movie and on the set, he pretends that there's not nearly half as much chemistry between himself and his female co-star as they make sweet, sweet love and my mom on the side pops another pill. I slip some JD from my own flask myself and try not to gag.

You'd think if he was such a good actor that he'd be able to hide his affairs, but really everyone knows. Lilly's not so right. Sometimes the premieres are far more exciting than watching paint dry. Sometimes the actors slip up and sometimes someone out there makes the right joke with the perfect timing. Anything to keep you in publicity, Dad. Just remember, I'm the alcohol to the flame.

My backside is swollen as I drive to the Kanes. Lilly'll know right away as she always does. Duncan will stand by idly and, if Veronica is there, she'll just be in blissful ignorance and believe every lie I have about getting into fist fights.

I'm still wearing the black suit and I swallow hard, loosening the too-tight tie around my neck. There are no cuts this time, only hard, red marks. All I want to do now is move into my own ignorance. I'd rather keep up the usual image of false smiles and the sickeningly 'has it all' family. One day, I know, I'll get tired of it. I guess that's why I spoke up today and why I keep talking. Maybe, I just want to stop being invited to all the parties. Those are the real shows. That's when you find out if your actors can truly act.

Unbuttoning the first button of my shirt, I see Veronica in the quickly approaching distance heading towards what I assume to be the Kane house herself. I slow down beside her, turn down the music on the radio (some boy band crap) and roll down the window. I remember Lilly's words of "Play nice", but the thing is that Veronica Mars could use a little excitement in her life - other than the random stories of her dad being Sheriff and busting asses. No, Veronica needs some real drama.

"Hey, Ronnie," I say, a smile quirking on my face for the second time today. I'm ready to see her just roll her eyes at me. Let's face it, we don't always get along. At least, that's something real. "Need a ride?"

[[ open to Veronica - oh, lord. will they snark? ]]
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
Logan Echolls: sometimes i worrylogan_echolls on November 24th, 2005 05:39 pm (UTC)
"Well, see, that might be a nice start," I replied, my voice hard. My patience quickly wore when it came to this certain sheriff's daughter. There were times that I though that I wouldn't want anything more but Veronica's disappearance (excluding the fact that both Lilly and Duncan would take that as a loss).

At least we're in agreement that we want nothing to do with each other. I give almost a wry smile to her at that. Thank god for the Kanes, I might have died from boredom otherwise. Talking to Veronica was like talking to your food before you ate it.

Yeah, our 'extended circle of friends' may act more like me, but you've got all the stuff that means anything to be a 09er down - everything but the bank account.

"How did you get that 'extended circle of friends anyway, Veronica?" I asked. "It really couldn't possibly be this charming attitude, could it? No, I'm pretty sure that it's exactly because of who you're dating." I shook my head. This couldn't possibly be my reasoning for trying to ward Duncan and Lilly away, could it?

Still, I couldn't say the words. Why her life seemed so wrong to me was because of her happiness and whether or not Lilly admitted it too, she was bothered too. Just because none of it could be possibly real. Bliss was something that had anger over and she was the only one with true bliss - a precious family. It was entirely unrealistic.

I clenched my jaw as I pulled my X-Terra into the Kane driveway and then spoke collectively - trying to bat any other feelings away, especially when she mentions Duncan.

"I don't hate you, Veronica."

I envy you.
Veronica Mars: come again - liz_guerinrenewedsoul_v on November 24th, 2005 08:39 pm (UTC)
I don't even bother trying to keep myself from glaring at him when he sort of smiles. The decent but snarky exchange from earlier seems like another lifetime right now. I didn't want to be in the same town as Logan Echolls right now, never mind in his car. I should have turned down the ride. Of course that would have started a fight right then and there, so was that any better?

"Excuse me? I was best friends with Lilly for three years before Duncan and I started dating." I remind him when he says I'm only classified an 09ner because of my relationship with Duncan. Not that I cared one way or another about 09ner status. Really didn't. I was fine as long as I had Lilly and Duncan. "Maybe Duncan factors in, but I've been eating lunch every day with Lilly since the 7th grade. Who I hung around with didn't really change did it?"

In his own way Logan was just as bad as Celeste. I couldn't possibly have pure motives for wanting Lilly and Duncan in my life, so I must be a social-climbing bitch. Right. Guess I can't stop them from thinking it, anyway.

"Well, you definitely make a good attempt at making me believe you do." I stated, getting out of the car the second he turned the engine off. I can't help but notice that he avoided responding to my question about Duncan. Which makes me think I'm right.

I slam the door after picking up my purse. "For the second time tonight: I'm not trying to take him away from you Logan. I - I just want to fit in there somewhere. Is that so much to ask?" I questioned. It wasn't like I was constantly trying to push Logan out of Lilly's life.
Logan Echolls: heart of the matter - l/vlogan_echolls on November 24th, 2005 09:13 pm (UTC)
I almost comment as she slams the passenger door closed after getting out of the car, but it seems pretty useless at this point to focus on such a minor detail. I keep my mouth shut even though everything I want to do is hurt Veronica right now. There was a reason I'd pick fun at her sometimes. I mean, this animosity wasn't just Duncan or even Lilly. Veronica knew just as much that she pressed buttons. I was sure she did.

"What I can't tell is that if you hate me so much. If you hate everyone else at that table but Duncan and Lilly, why do you bother sitting there at all? Really. Especially when you could convince them to sit elsewhere if you really wanted." I state, slipping out of the car to talk with her.

"You don't even like those people and yet you've been sitting with them for years." I sound exasperated because I am. I know I'm probably no better than Veronica - that I dealt with people just because of Duncan and Lilly. God knows, I was doing it right now.

I put a hand firmly on the hood of my car. Talking to her with something hard and durable between us seemed like the best idea.

"I'm not taking him away from you, Veronica. That's not what I want to do," I tell her quietly. This old screaming match with Veronica is something that I just want gone. This is the last thing I actually want to happen. "I couldn't possibly do that, even if I did want to." Because he loves you.
Veronica Mars: So Lost - liz_guerinrenewedsoul_v on November 24th, 2005 09:51 pm (UTC)
"When did I say I hated you?" I questioned. "I said you're an ass to me most of the time, but that's not the same thing. Annoying the hell out of me doesn't automatically translate into me hating you last I checked." I said, completely frustrated by this entire conversation. "You're Duncan's best friend, Lilly loves you. You're part of the package. And you have moments where I actually understand why that is. So, no, as pissed off at you as I get, I don't hate you."

"I'm - Look, I might not always get along with everybody, or even really agree with them about a lot of things, but again, that doesn't mean I hate them. And it definitely doesn't give me the right to try and convince Lilly and Duncan to stay away from them." I insisted.

It wasn't like we hadn't talked just a few minutes ago about how much I hated the way Celeste treated me, so what made him think I wanted to act like I was so superior to everybody? I'm not. I'm just not quite as spoiled and snobby as some. That's a pretty big difference.

"What do you want to do then?" I asked. There had to have been something. I shook my head. It didn't really matter. Besides, it wasn't like he was about to tell me. I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing it back away from my face for a moment. I just wanted Duncan happy. None of the rest of it mattered at all in comparison.
Logan Echolls: in the rearview mirrorlogan_echolls on November 24th, 2005 10:16 pm (UTC)
"That's just it. You don't ever stop reminding me what a horrible person I am," I snapped towards her. "All my energies are spent against you, Duncan and most of the student body or something. No, Logan isn't at all decent. Not ever. How am I really supposed to ever know that you don't hate my guts when all you ever tell me is that I don't even care. Not caring would result in me not even bothering when it came to you or, hell, even Duncan and Lilly."

"All I want is one single day when you don't associate the words Logan Echolls and Bad Guy together."

I shook my head to her. Talking to Veronica was impossible. Who was I kidding trying to play nice by offering her a ride over here and joking about actors and stories? It was just a facade. Who was I kidding trying to tell her what I actually wanted?

I ran my fingers through my hair again and sighed heavily. I was sick of the fighting. It was just utterly useless. I made a huff of a sound while Veronica absorbed any words I had sent her way and headed towards the front door. Though seconds later I turned back again, still upset.

"I'm trying. Does that count for anything?" I asked her.