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09 November 2005 @ 03:17 am
This town was never big enough for me…  
Stepping out of the shower I let the towel fall to the floor as I slipped on my two piece bikini – one of the five new ones I bought last week with Veronica – slipping my hair up into a ponytail, I grabbed a towel and headed out to the pool.

I glanced into Duncan’s room on the way out spotting him with his nose in some book that looked way too boring for my taste.

Sighing softly I grabbed a can of Diet Coke and headed out to the pool, picking up a magazine on the way out.

The sun was bright and it was a perfect day for tanning, mom and dad were gone on yet another trip and that left Duncan and I home alone.

Normally Logan would be here but he had some big wig thing to go to for his father’s new movie. I didn’t feel like going because I think watching paint dry is more fun then those things. They get tired and boring after the third one…I’ve been to about fifteen, maybe more.

Veronica was off helping her dad on some case, Weevil could be here…if he didn’t get caught stealing something – I didn’t pay much attention when Veronica told me.

Lying back in the lounger I started flipping through the magazine, it was filled with the same old shit that has been in it for the past few months. Some celebrity did this, another is screwing this one, someone stole money…I mean c’mon, people have more in their lives then who their fucking.

Same quizzes, same style tips. I was getting so bored that I think my eyes were going to dry up from reading all this crap.

Looking around before I closed my eyes I let the sun soak in on me, warming my skin and calming me…a little. It was really starting to get to me this rut I seemed to find myself in.

Then again I think we’re all in a rut. It’s the same shit day in and day out, week after week and month after endless month of the same thing. Everyone always hung out with the same people, everyone going to the same places, doing the same things.

This town was never big enough for someone like me. I’m a person that needs to be kept entertained, I need to keep busy and have someone to keep me occupied or I get bored very fast.

The last time I had some excitement was months ago when I’d gone skinny dipping in Logan's pool and his father had come out and caught me. He tried to hit on me – not like he had to do much, he was famous and good looking and had enough money to spoil a girl like me – but Logan came out and ended that little could be party.

Not sure if I’d ever actually do anything, seeing as I’m with Logan – maybe not exclusively…ok, well not totally – but…oh, who knows. I’m so bored that going into the football teams locker room and dancing around in a G-string just to get some excitement going on.

Rolling my eyes I tossed my magazine into the pool and got up, leaving my towel and Diet Coke there on the table I stalked over into Duncan’s room. “What are you up to brother?”

He looked up at me and I laid myself out on his bed, folding my hands behind my head and smiling up at him. “I think we’re all in a rut, I say we get out of here for the weekend.” I turned over on my side, propping my head up on my hand and smiling sweetly at my brother. “C’mon Duncan, what do you say? Just the four of us for a change… I’m itching to get out of this town. I mean admit it; it’s quickly becoming Pleasantville California.”

[Mmmm Donut…. ;)]
Duncan Kane: (duncan/lilly) freak outreturnofthekane on November 17th, 2005 09:34 am (UTC)
I was sitting in my chair writing up this report for the FBLA and then suddenly Lilly's invading my room like she has a habit of doing and I'm expected to stop what I'm doing and entertain her. A normal person would ignore her or throw her out but I'm not a normal person and you don't ignore Lilly Kane. So I save the document, shut down my laptop and turn around to look at her making herself comfortable on my bed.

I shake my head as she goes on about being in a rut.

"Pleasent Valley," She gives me one of those looks, I roll my eyes in response.

"You're referencing the movie but it's actually Pleasent Valley California. You know there's a huge prison there, the Erik Menedez is serving his time there."

All I get is a blank stare, Lilly's not stupid or anything but she doesn't always pay attention to anything beyond her world.

"Nevermind, you want to get away? I don't know Lil, I've got a lot going on at school and Veronica's been helping her dad out a lot lately."
Lilly Kane: I Will Break Himkane_goddess on November 17th, 2005 09:01 pm (UTC)
Ok, Duncan's rambling and it's boring me. If I was any more bored I'd be dead, I mean really. He's all about these mindless facts and as much as I love my brother he's as entertaining as a wet blanket.

"Uhhuh." It's my turn to roll my eyes and I give him a look. "God, did I get all of the excitement genes in the family? I really think I did in this case Donut." I sit up and dangle my feet off the edge of the bed giving him a look that we both know is going to end up being 'see, I win'. "Veronica's father is a grown man, he can deal without her for a few days. We're teenagers, the age of being irresponsible, juvenile and wild."

He gave me another look and I sighed hard, falling back on his bed and shaking my head. "Oh my god. Hello, news flash." I sat up and gave him a look. "This town's boring. We're boring people Duncan, we so need to get out of this town. It's a lousy three days, I doubt anyone would know we were missing."

I sighed and crossed my legs under me, pulling my hair back down and smiling sweetly. "I already know Logan'll be up for it, it's just up to the two of us to pull you two into agreeing." I love my brother, more then anything, but he can be so boring. Nope, make that he is boring.