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((Continued from here))

Right. Because Lilly and Duncan mean the world to both of us and we don't have any other choice.

"Like you ever stop reminding me what a waste of space you think I am, Logan?" I countered. "I'm boring, the things I care about don't matter, I'm a goody goody in dire need of excitement, if you can think it up you've probably said it. And for the record? It's just as hurtful as whatever I've said that makes you feel like a horrible person." I squeezed my eyes shut and took a deep breath. "You're not - You care. On some level I'm sure you do...you just seem to make this effort for some unknown reason to completely hide that fact from me." I pointed out quietly. Whatever our problem was, it wasn't fair to Lilly and Duncan. For some reason Logan and I just couldn't stop sniping at each other continuously. Like I wanted to waste all this energy being pissed at him? Right. That was so productive, wasn't it?

"Can we just call a mini truce or something? 24 hours in which I won't act like a bitch to you if you won't act like an ass to me?" I questioned. It wouldn't be easy, but I wasn't about to tell him I'd give him a day where I wouldn't act like he was the bad guy if he was gonna keep treating me like a total defective. "You can even pick when."

The ball was in his court now. If he wanted to continue being an ass, fine. But I was giving him an option to not be, just for one day. We could treat each other like actual human beings for that long, couldn't we?

"I know you're trying, Logan." I admitted, only slightly reluctantly, after a few moments had passed. "You offering and me accepting that ride? Completely about trying." Way to state the obvious, Veronica. Like it would have happened for any other reason? "We're both trying. It's just...hard. Old habits being hard to break and all that." I shrugged slightly. "We're just so use to trading insults that everything else seems weird. Well, that, and we just don't even like each other, which makes the getting along concept just that much harder." I said, trying to keep my tone light and teasing.

Sad thing was, even though I tried to make it sound like I was teasing, we really didn't like each other. I had more affection for Backup than I did Logan.

Besides, look what happened when we did get along for a few minutes...the biggest fight we've had in...well, maybe ever. I think that's backlash. Or maybe the universe telling us to back off and stop trying to push our luck. I sighed. It wasn't like being friends with Logan was going to kill me or something. It wasn't. It just didn't seem possible, or even logical, for it to happen at this point.

((Open to Logan so we can continue angsting away))
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12 November 2005 @ 10:05 pm
Aaron Echolls! Next spectacle this Tuesday night, 6pm, after the premiere of "Beyond the Breaking Point", sequel to "The Breaking Point". Starring in this spectacle is Aaron, himself, as The Punisher; his wife Lynn Echolls (formerly the one time famous Lynn Lester) as The Pill-Popping Alcoholic and Ignorant Mother; and lastly, his son, Logan Echolls, will be playing his first, only, and greatest role as The Ungrateful Son. Watch as Aaron takes an all-deserving strap to his boy's back for all the shame that his son has caused his family.

Now only if we advertised realistically, huh? It would be one thing to tell me I deserved it if I had even intended to make a fool of my father or this family; but, alas, I disappoint him further. It was pathetic, the reasons my dad found today. I'm impressed though on how he kept his cool for the whole premiere. He smiled, messed my hair, and stated that "Boys will be boys."

What I'm betting is the idea that he wanted to wrap his hands around my neck and just squeeze. I suppose it's all about family and responsibility. This is something that he'll tell me that I'll learn when I grow up. Personally, if I turn into the exquisite mirror of him when I grow up? I think I'll commit suicide, shuffle off this mortal coil, and end my all-too glamorous life. If he's my fine example for all time, I'll go with the dreams and wishes that I've been adopted into this lifestyle.

"Beyond the Breaking Point" is a hit. I think viewers especially loved the scene in which beyond his entire life, Aaron shows regret for the way he's lived: all action, all fun, and no love. That's when, in the movie and on the set, he pretends that there's not nearly half as much chemistry between himself and his female co-star as they make sweet, sweet love and my mom on the side pops another pill. I slip some JD from my own flask myself and try not to gag.

You'd think if he was such a good actor that he'd be able to hide his affairs, but really everyone knows. Lilly's not so right. Sometimes the premieres are far more exciting than watching paint dry. Sometimes the actors slip up and sometimes someone out there makes the right joke with the perfect timing. Anything to keep you in publicity, Dad. Just remember, I'm the alcohol to the flame.

My backside is swollen as I drive to the Kanes. Lilly'll know right away as she always does. Duncan will stand by idly and, if Veronica is there, she'll just be in blissful ignorance and believe every lie I have about getting into fist fights.

I'm still wearing the black suit and I swallow hard, loosening the too-tight tie around my neck. There are no cuts this time, only hard, red marks. All I want to do now is move into my own ignorance. I'd rather keep up the usual image of false smiles and the sickeningly 'has it all' family. One day, I know, I'll get tired of it. I guess that's why I spoke up today and why I keep talking. Maybe, I just want to stop being invited to all the parties. Those are the real shows. That's when you find out if your actors can truly act.

Unbuttoning the first button of my shirt, I see Veronica in the quickly approaching distance heading towards what I assume to be the Kane house herself. I slow down beside her, turn down the music on the radio (some boy band crap) and roll down the window. I remember Lilly's words of "Play nice", but the thing is that Veronica Mars could use a little excitement in her life - other than the random stories of her dad being Sheriff and busting asses. No, Veronica needs some real drama.

"Hey, Ronnie," I say, a smile quirking on my face for the second time today. I'm ready to see her just roll her eyes at me. Let's face it, we don't always get along. At least, that's something real. "Need a ride?"

[[ open to Veronica - oh, lord. will they snark? ]]
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09 November 2005 @ 03:17 am
Stepping out of the shower I let the towel fall to the floor as I slipped on my two piece bikini – one of the five new ones I bought last week with Veronica – slipping my hair up into a ponytail, I grabbed a towel and headed out to the pool.

I glanced into Duncan’s room on the way out spotting him with his nose in some book that looked way too boring for my taste.

Sighing softly I grabbed a can of Diet Coke and headed out to the pool, picking up a magazine on the way out.

The sun was bright and it was a perfect day for tanning, mom and dad were gone on yet another trip and that left Duncan and I home alone.

Normally Logan would be here but he had some big wig thing to go to for his father’s new movie. I didn’t feel like going because I think watching paint dry is more fun then those things. They get tired and boring after the third one…I’ve been to about fifteen, maybe more.

Veronica was off helping her dad on some case, Weevil could be here…if he didn’t get caught stealing something – I didn’t pay much attention when Veronica told me.

Lying back in the lounger I started flipping through the magazine, it was filled with the same old shit that has been in it for the past few months. Some celebrity did this, another is screwing this one, someone stole money…I mean c’mon, people have more in their lives then who their fucking.

Same quizzes, same style tips. I was getting so bored that I think my eyes were going to dry up from reading all this crap.

Looking around before I closed my eyes I let the sun soak in on me, warming my skin and calming me…a little. It was really starting to get to me this rut I seemed to find myself in.

Then again I think we’re all in a rut. It’s the same shit day in and day out, week after week and month after endless month of the same thing. Everyone always hung out with the same people, everyone going to the same places, doing the same things.

This town was never big enough for someone like me. I’m a person that needs to be kept entertained, I need to keep busy and have someone to keep me occupied or I get bored very fast.

The last time I had some excitement was months ago when I’d gone skinny dipping in Logan's pool and his father had come out and caught me. He tried to hit on me – not like he had to do much, he was famous and good looking and had enough money to spoil a girl like me – but Logan came out and ended that little could be party.

Not sure if I’d ever actually do anything, seeing as I’m with Logan – maybe not exclusively…ok, well not totally – but…oh, who knows. I’m so bored that going into the football teams locker room and dancing around in a G-string just to get some excitement going on.

Rolling my eyes I tossed my magazine into the pool and got up, leaving my towel and Diet Coke there on the table I stalked over into Duncan’s room. “What are you up to brother?”

He looked up at me and I laid myself out on his bed, folding my hands behind my head and smiling up at him. “I think we’re all in a rut, I say we get out of here for the weekend.” I turned over on my side, propping my head up on my hand and smiling sweetly at my brother. “C’mon Duncan, what do you say? Just the four of us for a change… I’m itching to get out of this town. I mean admit it; it’s quickly becoming Pleasantville California.”

[Mmmm Donut…. ;)]